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TK Maxx is not only in Australia but also worldwide one of the most reliable chains of shops when considering quality and product prices. TK Maxx daily looks for the new quality brands that maybe are not that worldwide knows as one expects, but their products are so top quality that TK Maxx decided to add them to its portfolio because of this fact.

TK Maxx is a company originated in the United States and maybe you know it as TJ Maxx. TK Maxx offers women, men and kids clothing that already caught the eyes of many fashion trend lovers. Currently is TK Maxx present in 8 countries, branches are to be found in Great Britain, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and of course Australia.

History of brand TK Maxx

T.J. Maxx company was established in 1976 in the city of Framingham, Massachusetts, the United States of America, its founder was Bernard Cammarata. First European branch was opened in Bristol in southwestern England in 1994. The company had renamed to T.K. Maxx to avoid being connected with already established retail chain T J Hughes. The first branch in Australia was established in 2017.

TK Maxx in Australia

In Australia, the branches of TK Maxx have appeared only in 2017, not that long time ago but due to the increased brand popularity, products of TK Maxx in Australi are already favored by thousands of customers.

TK Maxx stores in Australia

Have a quick peek into few stores of TK Maxx in Australia that we have prepared for you.